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We are a dedicated community of passionate and dedicated players. We host Garry's Mod and TeamSpeak 3 servers.

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Welcome to UnknownPlus!

UnknownPlus hosts a free to use, 512 slot League of Legends themed Teamspeak server. With around 150 users on weekday evenings and 200+ users on weekend peak times we still have plenty of channels to fill.

We are once again opening our server to the League of Legends Reddit community. Ranked teams, random groups and duo-partners are all welcome! We provide free to use, password protected & permanent channels to be used by all members. Players looking for a duo-partner or a ranked team for the new season, this is your place. All users are furnished with badges depicting their skill level, the server they play on and the roles they play - perfect for scouting/looking for your own team to join.

We have an active, friendly team of staff who are willing to help out all users at all times. We are also very much open to the skills of the community, view our staff pages for available positions you could fill!

Feel free to join and use the server for whatever you wish. To get a member of staffs attention, looking for the U+ icon next to the name and message them for assistance.

TL:DR Free to use, reasonably busy Teamspeak server themed around LoL, IP is lol.unknownplus.com